Glen Hinckley
Software/EDI/Data Architect
Keller, TX, 76248
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Enterprise Healthcare EDI/Data Architect/Scientist with ML/AI and Anaytics

To obtain a Senior EDI Architect position in the Healthcare industry, where my extensive experience in EDI integration, expertise in healthcare systems, and knowledge of the Azure platform can be utilized to provide efficient and effective solutions to the organization. Additionally, my proficiency as a Senior DB Architect with experience in DB2 iSeries, Oracle, and MSSQL, and expertise in ERWIN and ER/Studio, can add value to the organization. To see the non recuriter edit goto


Highly skilled Senior EDI Architect with over 20 years of experience in designing, implementing, and managing EDI solutions for healthcare organizations. Expertise in various EDI standards, including X12, HL7, NCPDP, and DICOM. Proficient in healthcare systems, including EHRs, EMRs, and practice management systems. Knowledgeable in the Azure platform, including Azure Logic Apps, Azure Functions, and Azure API Management. In addition, extensive Senior DB Architect experience with proficiency in DB2 iSeries, Oracle, and MSSQL, and expertise in ERWIN and ER/Studio. Excellent leadership and project management skills, with a proven track record of successful project completion and delivery. To see the non recuriter edit goto

  • Expertise in EDI integration and various EDI standards, including X12, HL7, NCPDP, and DICOM.
  • EMR Systems: Cerner ,Epic, Medtech, Greenway
  • APIs: Cerner Ignite API, Open Epic API, Medtech 6.1, Medtech Magic
  • X12 EDIFACT / EDI 204, 210, 211, 214, 270, 271, 276, 277, 278, 820, 835, 837, 834, 940, 945, 943, 944, 990, 997, 999, HL7
  • Languages: C, C++,Pascal, Cobol, Ada, JCL, RPG, Lisp, Java, Js, Fortran, C#, F#, VBA, TSQL, PSQL, HyperText, TypeScript, ProC, ASM(6502, 86000, x86,Sparc, Arm, PARisc, Most 8bit micros and Saturn 4bit), TKl, Python, Pearl, PS Scripting, Bash Script, Vi, Latex: For about an hour Ruby, Ruby on rails, Rust, Forth.
  • Reporting / Data Anliticys: Power BI, Tableau, SSRS, Crystal Reoports, Oracle Reports
  • HL7 FHIR r2, r4
  • Logic Aps, UI Path, Biztalk, RPA
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Azure, Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, & 19c(On HP9000, Solaris, Linux and Windows) Oracle Forms & Oracle Reports, InterBase, db2(On AS400,iSeries), NoSQL, MongoDb, MySQL, MariaDB, Progress, Postgres, Greenplumb, Acces, FoxPro, dBase, Terradata
  • Operating Systems: Unix (Solaris, HPUX), Linux, AS400 SR3.x - SR5.x 6.x
  • Expertise in ERWIN and ER/Studio for data modeling, data architecture, and database design
  • Excellent leadership and project management skills, with a proven track record of successful project completion and delivery.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills to work with internal teams and external partners.
  • Knowledge of HIPAA and other regulatory requirements related to healthcare data.
  • Ability to troubleshoot technical issues and provide guidance and support to DBAs, data analysts, and developers.
  • Experience in developing policies, procedures, and training materials related to data governance and compliance.
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  • Ability to communicate and work seamlessly in a virtual/remote environment. Strong business acumen and a collaborative, influential partner able to educate, build relationships, and foster adoption of sound security practices (commitment + compliance).
  • Ability to resolve complex projectized issues in diverse and decentralized environments; to learn, communicate, and manage technical projects; and to communicate effectively.
Work History
08-2022 - 06-2023
08-2022 - 06-2023
TXLLabs | Ft Worth, Tx Cheif Software Architect-Programmer/ Data Architect / EDI Architect/Scientist
  • Developed 835/837 analysis tools to recode, revalue, and resubmit rejected healthcare claims, resulting in a 38% reduction in claims. This version was done with sklearn as a clasification ML APP.
  • Developed an error coding detector that integrates with Epic via their open API to detect coding errors in real-time, resulting in a 30% reduction in billing errors and improved accuracy in claims processing.
  • Used scikit-learn, pands, NumPhy and matplotlib to train datasets
  • Used ER studio to desgn and model the schems for greenlump used with NLP
  • Used ER studio to desgn the logical db and ten to make both Oracle and MSSql physical Models
  • Used ER Business Architect to gemerate UML and base classes for bd models
  • Used Aqua Data Studio to run all querys and develope DML since it could work aginst all 3 at the same time.
  • Utilized a model trained with a different dataset to improve the accuracy of the error coding detector, which resulted in fewer false positives and increased productivity.
  • Collaborated with Epic implementation teams to ensure seamless integration of the error coding detector into their workflow, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.
  • This code is beeing ported to Cerner and meditech.

03-2022 - 02-2023
03-2022 - 02-2023
Borrego Health: Medical Clinic | Borrego Springs, CA Contractor
  • Performed analysis of walgreens 340b program
  • Indentified failure mode's of current solution
  • Wrote a new solution fixxing issues
  • Resubmited two years worth of data recovering over 65k unpaid prescriptions
  • On going support and maintance
  • Conducted an in-depth analysis of Walgreens 340b program, identifying multiple failure modes within the current solution.
  • Developed and wrote a new solution that addressed these issues and provided a more effective way to manage and maintain the program.
  • Successfully resubmitted two years' worth of data, resulting in the recovery of over 65,000 unpaid prescriptions.
  • Provided ongoing support and maintenance for the new solution to ensure continued efficiency and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • As part of my work, I utilized my expertise in database design and development, EDI solutions, and project management. I also collaborated with other stakeholders, including Walgreens' IT team, program managers, and healthcare providers, to ensure successful implementation and operation of the new solution.
  • Utilized ER Studio to reverse engineer a ProgressDB for an EMR vendor who had no ER diagrams or knowledge of any PK/FK pairs.
  • Designed and implemented a process to move all data from the EMR database to SQL Server on a nightly basis..
  • Wrote stored procedures to generate PK/FK pairs for the EMR vendor's clustered keys in lieu of primary PK/FK pairs..
  • Designed and developed a data warehouse to enable stakeholders to access analytics through Tableau.

03-2022 - 10-2022
03-2022 - 10-2022
Lanter Delivery Systems inc | St Louis, IL Contractor
  • FTP Scripts with Power shell and Phyton
  • Forensic analyses/reverse engineering/documentation with both Er Studio and ER Business Architect
  • DB, Functions, SP and apps
  • Logic Apps
  • Biztalk reverse engineering
  • Forensic analysis, reverse engineering, and documentation of databases, functions, stored procedures, and applications related to the shipping industry
  • Designed and implemented Logic Apps to automate data integration processes between various systems
  • Designed and developed Logic Apps for EDI 204, 210, 211, and 214 mapping, utilizing Azure Integration Services.
  • Conducted reverse engineering of BizTalk solutions to identify and document system architecture, message flows, and data mappings.
  • Developed FTP scripts using PowerShell and WinSCP to securely transfer files between systems and partners.
  • Wrote Azure Functions to create flat files from data extracted from both on-premises and Azure databases, providing a scalable solution for file creation and transfer.
  • Provided consultation on EDI-related projects and technologies to clients in the shipping industry.
  • Modified and maitaned MS Accees DB that ran billing for older customers.

07-2013 - 01-2021
07-2013 - 01-2021
DCS Global Systems | Plano, Tx Cheif Software Architect-Programmer/ Data Architect / EDI Architect
  • Designed and wrote EDI 270,271,276,277,278,835,837 parsing engines
  • The EDI parsing engine was built from the ground up in code with no external components
  • It is delivered as a .Net dll that can be added to the toolbox in Visual Studio or just invoked with a using method
  • It can parse all 5010 and older formats and has support for 6010, 6020 once it is finalized
  • Designed and wrote EDI 270,271,276,277,278,835,837 Viewers, this takes the parsed data from the db and makes a human readable HTML display
  • Designed and wrote EDI communications modules that can send and receive EDI with TPAs
  • Designed and wrote HL7 data stream receiver/server using raw TCP/IP stack
  • Setup TPAs with all 50 states, CMS, TRICare, Anthem, Availilty, Centene, Dorado, Emdeon, HighMark, Ivans and others
  • Provided documentation on how to use stack and training as required
  • Implemented firewalls between groups6, replaced the cisco PIX firewalls with SonicWall’s
  • In 2017, started work on getting us ready for the first HITRUST audit
  • First part was ruining pen testing on the software stack, and network hardening and running attacks on it and then patching and fixing as necessary
  • Implemented Metasploit to do penetration testing
  • In 2015 I replaced all the layer 2 switches with layer 3 procurves and configured vlans to segment the company into different network groups
  • Transformed the environment from one of bare metal boxes into a Hyper-V environment
  • Developed 835/837 analysis tools to recode, revalue, and resubmit rejected healthcare claims, resulting in a 20% reduction in claim denials. This tool was inuse at Baylor Scott and White, UCLA and Dallas Childrens.
  • Reversed eng the entire schema with ER Studio
  • Used ER studio to redisgn joins to prevent db bottle necks
  • Used db artisan to tune querys and sp
  • Converted the VBS scripting system to Phython and wrote code that translated the VBS to Phython

09-2012 - 03-2013
09-2012 - 03-2013
Fl Power and Light |  Contractor
  • Convereted Micrsoft Access APP to a C# ASP.NET App
  • ERWIN to move and model access to mssql
  • Used a program call codesmith to generate a XML WSDL and all the CRUD

10-2011 - 01-2013
10-2011 - 01-2013
Walt Disney World | Orlando, Fl Contractor
  • As a Senior Database Architect, I have extensive experience in managing complex data scrubbing and integrity projects, with a focus on Db2 and Oracle systems. One such project involved converting the Zulfi solution, which ran across 21 Db2 servers on 4 continents, to a .NET front end and JBoss server app
  • Using my expertise in ERwin, I was able to reverse engineer the Zulfi solution and identify areas for improvement in data integrity. The Zulfi solution itself was a collection of 92 queries and 92 fallout queries that ran as a Db2 stored procedure. These queries checked for various issues such as missing foreign and primary keys, missing business logic, and incorrect keys in related tables
  • On average, each query involved 10 to 30 joins on 5 to 15 tables and would return the number of errors found and other relevant criteria, which was then inserted into a table. The stored procedure would then take this table and run another set of queries based on the original, which would populate result tables with suspect records. This entire process could take over 30 hours to run and involved analyzing a dataset of over 300 million records.
  • Additionally, I provided ongoing support and maintenance for the Zulfi solution to ensure its continued effectiveness and efficiency. My expertise in database architecture and data integrity allowed me to 2011-10 - 2013-01 Resume Glen Hinckley https://localhost:44384/Resume.aspx 2 of 3 3/2/2023, 5:47 AMDatabase successfully complete this project and provide valuable insights for future improvements
  • I Used Mercury Loadrunner to generate Happy Path and Defect data for unit testing
  • Worked in db architect group and used ER Studio in the move from db2 to Oracle conversion

02-2011 - 06-2011
02-2011 - 06-2011
World Wide Interactive Services | Orlando, Fl Contractor
  • Coordinated with web designer to redo front end for Credit Union Software
  • Simple redesign but old web site was hodgepodge of technology
  • Mostly odd use of the table control to make a lot of tags
  • Fixed all the table controls to render standard HTML table
  • Replaced obsolete java script with jquery
  • Fixed and repaired the primary DB2 server

03-2008 - 08-2009
03-2008 - 08-2009
Florida Wildlife Commission | Tallahassee, Fl Contractor
  • Foxpro to C# Conversion
  • Rewrote the existing Foxpro app as a web based C#
  • This app tracks and maintains all hunting and fishing licenses in the state of Fl
  • This app had to collect data from a db2 system in Kentucky parse the data print the cards and track interest and current value of the license
  • The Foxpro app was an ongoing effort from several previous programs over the last decade and had no documentation or any programmers that experience with it
  • All the business rules were put in separate DLLs so they could be reused in the future for this or other projects that the same type of data
  • The new app could pull and parse the data in about 2 mins as opposed to over an hour for the old system.
  • Used ERWIN to resverse eng the Foxpro db in to a logical model then used it to create the CRUD and physical model to move it to MSSQL
  • Wrote instrest calculation rules and payouts in C#

University of Central Florida - Orlando, FL
Valencia Community College